Provides the basic calls to authenticate with the REST API, get session information and access the correct data center where your organization is located

  • getServerDefinitionReturns the Url where your organization API is located.
    When authenticating using API key method, no parameters are required.
    Passing user name and password as parameters will override any existing authenticated user.
  • getSessionInfoReturns information about the current session
  • loginLogin to the API
  • logoutTerminate the current API session

Provides the calls to create, update, retrieve and delete objects in AdaptiveWork as well as to query and search for objects

  • aggregateQueryPerforms a query and aggreagtes (and optionally groups) the results using one of the grouping functions (e.g. Count, Sum, etc.)
  • applyOnMembersApplies settings from User Group to User Group Members
  • changeStateChanges the state of an object
  • closeFiscalMonthClose the fiscal month and set the start date of the next fiscal month period
  • countQueryPerforms a query and returns the result count
  • createAndRetrieveCreates and immediatly retrieves an entity
  • createDiscussionCreates a discussion message, link it related entities and notify users or groups
  • createFromTemplateCreates an entity from a predefined template
  • createMultiply
  • entityFeedQueryReturns the social feed of an object
  • entityQueryRetrieve entities from AdaptiveWork according to a certain criteria
  • executeCustomActionExecutes custom action
  • expenseQueryRetrieves expenses for a specific Project or Customer
  • findUserQueryFinds a user based on several criterias
  • getCalendarExceptionsRetrieves calendar exceptions
  • getCalendarInfoProvides information about calendar definitions in AdaptiveWork. This API can provide information about the organization calendar or a user calendar
  • getTemplateDescriptionsReturns the list of template available for a certain Entity Type
  • groupsQueryReturns the list of groups the current user is a member of
  • licenseConsumptionReturns license consumption info per requested organization/s. Categorized by license types and usage.
  • lifecyclePerforms life cycle operations (Activate, Cancel etc.) on an entity
  • missingTimesheetsGet the information about missing timesheets
  • newsFeedQueryReturns the current user news feed
  • objectIds
  • objectsA Uri representing a single entity in Adaptive Work
  • queryExecutes a CZQL query.
  • relationQueryRetrieve the related entities of an object from a specific Relation
  • reopenFiscalMonthReopen the fiscal month when the project is locked and set the start date of the next fiscal month period
  • repliesQueryRetrieves the reply feed of a discussion
  • retrieveMultipleRetrieves multiuple entities from the same entity type in a single request
  • searchPerforms a text search in a specific entity type or in all entity types
  • timesheetQueryRetrieves timesheet according to different criterias
  • upsertCreate or update an entity

Provides the calls to upload and download files in AdaptiveWork

  • downloadgets download information about a file attached to a document
  • getUploadUrlGet a URL for uploading files. After POSTing a file to this URL, perform an Upload operation and pass this URL in the UploadUrl parameter.
  • updateImageSet (Or Reset) the image of an object in AdaptiveWork
  • uploadUpload file to a document in AdaptiveWork

Provides information about the AdaptiveWork data model including supported entities, entity fields and data types, and relations between entities

Manage and install applications

Allows clients to perform bulk operations

  • executeAllows executing several API calls in a single round trip to the server

General utility functions

  • appLoginConverts an API session to a web application session. Calling this method returns a url to the application that will not require credentials to login
  • sendEMailSend an email and attach it to an object in AdaptiveWork